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Enjoy your holiday in Dubai or visit each of 7 emirates? You are the one to choose…


7 emirates

Even though Dubai in incredibly popular and interesting for the majority of tourists, it’s not the only one place to see in the UAE. More curious tourists shall check each and every of 7 emirates. Furthermore, some of them will prefer Fujairah and Ras al-Khaimah, because they offer more attractive prices, empty beaches and clean sea.

Another important moment is that all 7 emirates are located in just a couple hours of driving from Dubai international airport, thus visiting those emirates won’t affect both your wallet and your traveling schedule. Keeping all this in mind, one shall definitely visit the following emirates:


The main attracting point for all tourists. Dubai offers astonishing views, ultramodern architecture, incredible attractions (many of them were added into the Guinness Book of World Records), luxury, fancy beaches and warm sea. Furthermore, Dubai is the local cultural center of the region. The majority of exhibitions, events, sport competitions, celebrations, unique shows and performances are carried out on a daily basis.

This place is always interesting and offers new places and venues. Mostly, tourists are not living this region during their visit to Dubai, because it offers virtually all opportunities and impressions in the world.

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi offers unparalleled luxury and opulence. Despite all financial crises, luxurious elements can be seen all around the city. It offers one of the biggest mosques in the world, Ferrari entertainment park, the ethnographic village, unique skyscrapers and wide choice of beaches. This region offers a lot of places and attractions, which worth a visit to this amazing area.

The northern neighbor of Dubai, Sharjah is known as a place where one third of all Dubai workers is living. Nevertheless, Sharjah offers wide choice or traditional Arabic markets, interesting museums, the aquarium and spacious beaches. Furthermore, the prices are significantly lower than in Dubai.

Fujairah is famous with its well-groomed beaches located along the coastal line of Indian Ocean, perfect diving conditions and ancient buildings. One can enjoy picturesque views of local mountains and mangroves.

If you are lucky enough to visit all 7 emirates during your visit to Dubai, you can consider yourself as the one of the most mature travelers.

The most advanced city in the Middle East

Spend 3 hours driving from Dubai and you can enjoy views of ancient Julphar tower, Wadi Asimah oasis, ruins of Sheba’s palace and the ghost town where pearl divers lived before. Of course, you can also enjoy and relax on one of the numerous shiny beaches.

All the emirates can be reached from Dubai. The best option is to rent an apartment in Dubai and make daily tours to each of them. According to our practice, 12-14 days are more than enough to discover all 7 emirates.

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