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About DubaiApartment: making accommodation rentals more convenient

DubaiApartment — is the worldwide accommodation rental system. We unite travelers, tourists and all other frequently traveling people with owners of apartments and houses, allowing both of them to find each other and rent accommodation in a safe and convenient way.

Our main goal is to create a global network, which can be used to rent a place to stay in virtually any place of the world for any term as easy, as we are calling taxi or exchanging money. That’s why we strive to create the most efficient working conditions for accommodation owners and the most comfortable service for travelers.


We are sure that one can travel a lot and live in different countries with comfort and without additional financial expenses. Furthermore, one doesn’t have to call tour agencies or various intermediaries. All that one person needs in order to meet the entire world is a possibility to communicate with apartment owners who are ready to rent their real estate. The mission of DubaiApartment is to provide each and every traveler with a possibility to find home in any place of our planet in an easy, fast and safe manner.

DubaiApartment grew up from a real estate company. There was one day when we realized that we wanted to do something more than just selling already built real estate objects. Firstly, we created a short term accommodation rental website. Then we established a network of apartments and developed a convenient booking system. Our long work in the field of real estate gave us priceless experience in interaction as with accommodation owners, as well as with tenants. Such experience helps us to solve various tasks and problems, which can be really specific and unusual.

Our knowledge in demands and requests of both tenants and accommodation owners allows us to make DubaiApartment maximally efficient and convenient.

You can be sure that if you face any difficulties during searching or renting of a house, an apartment or any other type of accommodation, we will do our best to solve them for you.


Of course, is not just a booking system, but a big company with a considerable workforce, experienced and highly efficient managers, technical support team, accounting office and technical department. That’s why you can always be sure that our experienced experts will support you on any stage, answering all questions and making everything to make your trip or holiday unforgettable and truly comfortable.

DubaiApartment is constantly developing. We pledge our power, money, time and small pieces of our souls in this project. We do believe that every new day and visit will be more comfortable and convenient for you to work with us and discover the entire world.

DubaiApartment – an accommodation rental system for varying terms. Our system covers the entire world and creates a network of house and apartment owners, which can be contacted by any tourist or traveler.