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Downtown Dubai

The Downtown Dubai — in one hand it is a central business district of Dubai, while in other – the most attractive place for tourists and travelers. Even today this area of 200 hectares built up with stunning skyscrapers is considered as the most expensive land in the entire planet.

By choosing the Downtown Dubai, guests of the emirate are opening a big world of unlimited possibilities that includes unique architecture, incredible luxury and unstoppable shopping.

When telling about the Downtown Dubai one can’t ignore its main treasure – the Burj Khalifa tower. It’s the highest skyscraper of the planet, which reaches the sky with its 828 meters of height. Guests can even stay in this amazing place, renting luxurious apartments or one of the exclusive rooms in the Armani hotel.

Not only Burj Khalifa is marvelous, but its surroundings too. It’s surrounded with an artificial lake, an ambitious fountain that creates water laces following the music and throwing water springs by several hundred meters up to the sky. A cozy park is also located right next to the tower, where one can enjoy slow walking around or a cup of coffee in local coffee shops or restaurants.

All shopping lovers are definitely visiting the Dubai Mall — the enormous shopping mall where all shops are covering space of more than 50 football fields. It’s simply impossible to check all the 1200 famous boutique shops in one day. One can also find an unlimited amount of attractions and entertainment here: an ice rink of an almost Olympic size, a water zoo, an aquarium, a lot of attractions and entertainment zones.

Downtown Dubai

The Downtown Dubai — a touristic Mecca of Dubai with unique skyscrapers, including Burj Khalifa, dancing fountains and thousands of boutique shops.

Even though the Downtown Dubai is almost totally built up with skyscrapers, one can also find a low-rise district – the Old Town complex, which was created in accordance with the strict luxury of the traditionally Arabic style.

Keeping in mind such amount of really unique objects, it’s not a surprise that prices in the Downtown area are ones of the highest in Dubai. But if you can take your chance and choose apartments instead of numerous luxurious 5 star hotels, you can really save a lot of money.

As any other megalopolis center, the Downtown Dubai has an incredibly convenient transportation communication. The First Interchange provides easy access for ground transport. After reaching the Sheikh Zayed Road one can easily reach any part of Dubai in less than thirty minutes, while the ride to the international airport will take just 15 minutes.

Those travelers without a private car can always use the local comfortable metro system, because the “Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall” station is conveniently located in this area.

The closest districts to the Downtown Dubai are DIFC and Business Bay areas. Amazing local beaches are located not farther than in 4 kilometers.

If you want to experience all the luxury and technical progress of Emirates, we really recommend you to choose the Downtown Dubai district.

The Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai