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Areas with the most searched studios in Dubai?

Published on November 29, 2016 by Dubai Apartment

As the Dubai real estate market grows stronger and bigger, spacious lodging here becomes less and less affordable for young specialists, students and newlyweds. And the investors, who are rather aimed to create revenue from estate rent, realize that the most popular type of lodging among tenants is studio apartments – they’re easy to rent and they pay off faster than the other types of estate. And the recent report from Bayut even gives some more information on the neighborhoods, where studios in Dubai are most demanded. The agency has shared the data collected from their website, which can help us create a makeshift “emirate’s locations rating”.


5. Dubai Sports City

Despite its relative remoteness from the city center, this area is quite demanded amongst the studio purchasers. Firstly, it’s already well-developed and landscaped, it’s comfortable for living with a family. Secondly, one can easily make up for the distance to the city center just driving a car along those broad and unobstructed highways. Finally, the prices for estate in this area are still quite affordable, which enables even “hired managers” to buy real estate here. As a result, studios in Dubai’s Sports City has made it to the list of five most demanded areas for studio apartment purchase according to the portal’s data.

4. Palm Jumeirah

First of all, the popularity of studios in Palm Jumeirah is based on the exclusiveness of the neighborhood itself. Numerous users query estate prices in this area just for comparison or for visualisation of their dreams. But among those “dreamers” there are also many actual purchasers and tenants, so the studios in the archipelago are sold and rented frequently and profusely, especially by expats. After all, telling your relatives and friends back in the homeland that you’ve purhcased an apartment in the biggest artificial island of the world must be a priceless experience.

Bayut has issued the information about the top neighborhoods by search queries for purchase of studios in Dubai.

3. Downtown Dubai

That’s the very place where studios are bought by businessmen and successful startuppers for permanent dwelling of for long-term business trips. People like that rarely need to settle big families in these apartments, but they have to reside close to their offices and workplaces. And yeah, having a look at the spire of Burj-Khalifa every morning and feeling as a habitant of the city of the future is worth the money as well. That’s why Downtown Dubai is holding a third place in the rating of search queries.

studios in Dubai

2. Jumeirah Lake Towers

This is an area where two kinds of purchasers go hand to hand – those who value comfort and proximity to the city center,  and those who go for entertainment and a beach right next to their doors. Because of that, even a relatively expensive and, at the same time, not particularly “central” JLT turned out to be one of the most demanded areas for purchase of studios in Dubai.

1. Dubai Marina – the most demanded studios in Dubai are located here!

It would seem that nothing is forever, and one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Dubai would give its popularity up sooner or later. But not this time – studios in Dubai Marina are still regarded the most popular among potential purchasers. And let us not be that sceptical about it: despite a vast number of “dreamers”, most of the users who browse estate in this neighborhood are real purchasers.  After all, studios in Marina are extremely comfortable for living – the neighborhood is quiet, it’s close to the beach and it’s just within a 20 minute drive to the city center. And the number of offers in this area is immense – its density of skyscrapers per square kilometer can only be surpassed by the center of the city. So we have every right to presume that within the next few years the most popular studios of Dubai will be located exactly in Dubai Marina.

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