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Do you own accommodation in Dubai? Earn money with DubaiApartment!

If you have an apartment in Dubai, you can transform it to a source of passive income right away. Furthermore, this income will be much higher than if you decided to rent it on a long-term basis. Everything is very easy: add your accommodation to our system, write attractive description and earn money with DubaiApartment!

Will you be able to earn?

DubaiApartment is a short-term Dubai accommodation rental platform. Thousands of tourists visit it on a daily basis, searching and booking perfect accommodation for their holiday. People who find your apartment attractive will definitely book it, paying the standard price for short-term rentals.

In other words, we are solving the main problem of the accommodation owners – we are taking the responsibility for the entire process of short-term tenants searching. We already have a huge number of tenants. They all need accommodation and they are ready to pay right here and right now. Just let them know that you have an apartment that totally fits their needs and earn much more money with DubaiApartment than you could have earned by renting your accommodation out for a couple of months or even for a year.

apartment in Dubai

How does it work?

All you have to do right now is to add your accommodation to our system and write an attractive description. Our agent will come to meet you, inspect your apartment in order to check correspondence with description, and will sign an agreement, discussing all technical aspects of our future cooperation.

After that our agents will control the booking calendar of your apartment, keeping all communication with your guests, controlling check-in and check-out times, cleaning schedule and many other important moments. You will just receive rental payments after deduction of our fees. Your main task is to pay taxes and communal services. We are taking the entire process of interaction and communication with guests, so you won’t be responsible for the level of comfort of their holiday.

It turns out that renting your apartment out via DubaiApartment is very easy, yet incredibly safe. You can learn more about our accommodation owner compensation policy, as well as general information about safety in our system. You can be sure that both you and your apartment are safe and protected when working in cooperation with us.

Furthermore, we can keep information about periods when you want to stay in the apartment on your own. We will remove such periods from the booking calendar, allowing you to stay in comfort conditions of your home, renting it out immediately when you leave.

How much money will you earn?

The exact amount of profit depends on a total area of your accommodation, a level of equipment and furniture, a location, touristic season and several other important parameters. It turns out that the average level of income when working via DubaiApartment is 1.5-1 times higher than renting the apartment out on a long-term basis. Furthermore, the overall decrease of demand during the low season is totally compensated with excessive demand during the peak season.

So, don’t hesitate, register on the website and earn money with DubaiApartment. We will bring you a lot of tenants, doing everything to make their holiday memorable and comfortable, while you can enjoy the process of receiving money.