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Foodie’s Paradise

Published on September 19, 2016 by HouseDubai

Food is an essential part of any holiday. Even if you are not choosy you most probably have eating habits you feel uncomfortable to refuse from. If you are a gourmand you are obviously after a different country cuisine.

What can tourists find in Dubai?

Arabic cuisine comes first with meat as its main ingredient. Lamb, beef, goat and camel dishes are all cooked with a fancy twist. Some recipes suppose a few cooking stages and take long. If you have a chance try stuffed dishes.

For instance, a lamb stuffed with spicy pre-cooked chicken. Rice is an integral part of Arabic cuisine as well as flat round bread, fresh vegetables and pickles.

Foodie’s Paradise

Foodie’s Paradise in Dubai


Be prepared to eat spicy food as clove, cinnamon and turmeric as most common seasonings. Tea and coffee are essential after meals unlike wine or any other alcohol which is not supposed at all as it contradicts Islamic principles. Still, some restaurants do serve alcoholic drinks.

Foodie’s Paradise-The best territory in Dubai.

You are not limited by Eastern cuisine only as Dubai restaurants are known for great diversity: you have a chance to try chefs’ masterpieces from France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Mexico and may other countries.
You won’t leave disappointed. On the contrary, you will be full and absolutely happy with Middle East hospitality tradition.

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