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Fujairah: silence, cleanliness, nature and whispering sounds of ocean waves

Fujairah is the youngest of the seven emirates and the only one that doesn’t have direct access to Persian Gulf. For tourists Fujairah is a narrow beach between the mountains and the ocean. This emirate offers quiet, clean and sometimes totally deserted areas for relaxation. Diving and snorkeling fans can enjoy beautiful coral reefs, while the lovers of history can discover many artifacts from the ancient eras.

Here are several examples of attractions in Fujairah, which you can and must discover:


Wadi Daftah tower

It’s famous with its date groves. Many palms are older than 100 years.

Fujairah Fort

An ancient fort that was built in 1670. It’s located in around half an hour from the center of Fujairah.

Famous Friday market

Here you can buy local crafts, seafood, antique objects and jewelry.

Al Badiyah Mosque

It was built more than 400 years ago. This is the oldest working mosque in the UAE and one of the oldest mosques in the world.

Ain Al Madhab mineral springs

Another point of attraction for health-improving tourism

Al Wurayah Waterfalls

This waterfall is the only one in the entire country that offers an incredible mountain adventure.

Ain al-Gamur sulphur springs

Many tourists are coming here to cure podagra and rheumatism.

Al Hail fort

This place served as an official residence of the emir of Fujairah.

Archeological museum

It offers wide collection of archeological showpieces.

No doubt that the majority of tourists is coming to Fujairah to spend their time on the beach and enjoy local nature. Several dive clubs are open here. Tourists can make a trip to local mountains, spend whole day on extremely clean beaches and enjoy patient life style. Furthermore, you won’t be surrounded with the noise Dubai, while the sea will be free from oil spots. There are no oil sources in Fujairah, and this emirate receives money mainly from the touristic sector.

Fujairah is located pretty far from Dubai, thus it won’t be comfortable to visit Fujairah from Dubai regularly. The best option in to make a separate trip to Fujairah in order to relax, swim and get tanned. However, you can reach Fujairah only via Dubai, thus you can explore some attractions of the “city of the future” and spend a couple of days after relaxing on the beaches of Fujairah.