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September 18, 2016 by Administrator

Choosing accommodation. Be careful when choosing your holiday accommodation. All the photos you see on match the real property. Share you expectations regarding your temporary housing with DubaiApartment as we are the best expert to estimate whether chosen property is what you really want. Try to virtually meet our manager before booking and paying to avoid disappointment. We provide the social net to help you meet our specialist. It is essential to stay in touch with DubaiApartment as we will be of great help as soon as you arrive: from meeting you and checking in to fixing any unforeseeable situations. This is the company to rely on in a new country.

Accuracy. DubaiApartment realizes that we introduce ourselves to you through our ad. This is why accuracy is crucial in this issue. The ad gives the first impression of both DubaiApartment and our housing. We are proud to announce that the descriptions of our property match the reality. We are trying to mention any details in our ads that can be of importance to you. Same about pricing that is often the most important criterion. If weekend or holiday prices are higher we always inform our guests about it.

Socializing. Our service is unique in terms of helping you get personal assistance in choosing the holiday accommodation. When socializing with you DubaiApartment manager tries to estimate whether your lifestyle conforms to the property you have chosen. If you are a family we make sure you do not rent an apartment next to party lovers. You are sure to get all the information in time if you reply to your personal manager as soon as possible. Stay in touch with DubaiApartment during your stay. Let us know if you want us to provide you with Dubai guide book including restaurants and sightseeing reviews or any other information that can be of interest.

principles of hospitality
rent an apartment airbnb Dubai

Law. Keep in mind that you are going to a foreign country where law as well as dos and don’ts can be absolutely different from those of your culture. Always check the agent’s license. By the way, DubaiApartment is proud to mention that we keep all our documents up-to-date and all our operations are totally transparent. Staying within the limits of the foreign country’s law is crucially important. It helps you to prevent the troubles you cannot even know about. Check with DubaiApartment manager whether there are any special building regulations you should observe during your stay. For instance, it is forbidden to consume alcohol in public places in Dubai. A swimming pool is considered to be a public place. A person under the influence of alcohol in public takes the risk of having problems with the police. Make sure you know parking regulations, terms of access to the building and check with us on any rules effective in the building. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Your personal manager can inform you about the local traditions, give advice and help avoid confusing situations.

Neighbors. In case you are renting an apartment inquire about your neighbors. They can happen to have babies or do renovations. For instance, Muslim people will not appreciate your eating or drinking during the holy month of Ramadan. Be sure to inform DubaiApartment about your own family situation if you are a smoker or an unmarried couple or travel with animals or any other important details.  This will help to avoid any confusing situations.

Comfort and Safety. To be happy during your holiday make sure the accommodation matches your comfort standards: what scenery it overlooks, how far the beach is, whether the air-conditioning system works properly. Share your expectations with the manager. DubaiApartment is a responsible company and it takes care of its guests. All our apartments and villas are equipped with smoke detectors and fire-alarm systems, safe for children, has emergency services phone numbers. Please, inform us of any habits of yours that do not conform to the safety rules. If any person travelling with you is physically challenged make sure we are aware of this as it will help us to make your stay comfortable.

Responsibility. Always keep in mind that though you are staying in your temporary housing you should be a responsible tenant. Holiday accommodation gives the most positive emotions to you while on vacation. We realize this and try to make it most comfortable. Please, observe all the regulations.

Tidiness. One of the hospitality cornerstones is a clean house. DubaiApartment keeps its property neat and tidy. You find fresh towels and bedding in your holiday accommodation. We keep some home care products and utensils so that you could help yourself with cleaning if necessary.

Usually holiday travelers do not bring any hair drier or shampoo or iron with them and expect to find these trifles at the housing. We take this into account. If barbequing is allowed within the community you are renting in, DubaiApartment will inform you about it.

We will appreciate you keeping your holiday home tidy.

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