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Reimbursement for guests

Reimbursement for guests on DubaiApartment allows our guests to refund the rental price of accommodation in full or partially. It’s possible in cases when guests are having significant complaints confirmed during the following investigation. Despite the fact that such situations are really rare (mostly due to proper work of DubaiApartment accommodation quality control experts), we have to anticipate such moments in order to guarantee the concrete security of funds for our guests.

In particular, reimbursement for guests allows them to ask for a refund in the following cases:

  1. Guest was not able to stay in accommodation that was booked by the guest.

  2. The condition of accommodation at the moment of arrival was not corresponding with the photographs and the description in the system.

  3. A third party was living in accommodation during the entire booking period or its part.

  4. The guest is not responsible for the situation that caused the impossibility to stay in accommodation.

In such cases we offer full refund of all previously made payments, or trying to find adequate accommodation within the short period of time, with the possibility of partial refund.

Which actions are required to get reimbursement?

Contact DubaiApartment managers as soon as possible in order to get reimbursement – by calling, using our online-chat or sending an e-mail message. It’s extremely important to contact us during the first 24 hours of your stay, while the amount of money for your booking is not transferred to the owner.

After receiving your call our manager visits the apartment or the house in order to get more information and document the violation of the DubaiApartment rules. In case if the violation of the rules is confirmed, we transfer money to the account of the guest in 24 working hours.

Reimbursement for guests is made when they are not getting accommodation in proper condition for the paid period.

rules for apartment owners

When reimbursement for guests is not offered?

DubaiApartment will refuse to offer reimbursement for guests in the following cases:

The current awful condition of accommodation is the result of actions of the guest.

The guest decided to cancel the booking less than in three days before the arrival date.

The guest misunderstood the general rules of DubaiApartment operation; or didn’t read the accommodation description properly, making the wrong idea about it and now asking for reimbursement.

However, all the situations when the guest was not able to enter Dubai or travel for reasons beyond his or her control are considered individually. We strongly recommend you about the cancellation of your trip as soon as possible in order to increase your chances for full reimbursement.