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Detailed information about safety of guests

We use several measures to guarantee safety of guests on DubaiApartment

verify the identity

All accommodation owners have to pass the identification process and verify the identity

safety of guests

Each user of our service can contact his or her personal manager at any given moment in order to solve any problem


After the object is added to our system and before the moment when the very first guest checks-in, we have to check accommodation.


The owner of accommodation has to provide all required documents, which confirm their right to administer and rent it out.

According to our experience, mentioned measures are more than enough to guarantee safety of guests in Dubai. However, some indiscretions of guests may result in contingencies. That’s why we recommend our guests to observe several important rules, which will probably save you from such unpleasant situations.

Safety of guests

Simple rules, which guarantee safety of guests

While choosing accommodation on DubaiApartment, please remember that our system is totally responsible for the accuracy of the information as in the description of accommodation, as well as in the accommodation owner’s profile.  You are totally protected until you are working in the borders of our system. That’s why:



You have to book accommodation and pay for it only through DubaiApartment



Carefully read the booking cancellation policy

account-of-the-ownerKeep communication with the owner through our online-chat or messaging system of DubaiApartment. You can use your message history to solve any future disputes.

messaging-system-of-dubaiapartmentThoroughly read all the information about accommodation that you want to book and the account of the owner. If you face any questions or you want to clarify some moments, do not hesitate to contact the accommodation owner or the customer service department of DubaiApartment.

Your travel with accommodation booked through DubaiApartment has no difference with your other trips. Thus, we recommend you to follow general rules for travelers for your own safety:

    • Discover Dubai in advance and find the area, in which you are going to stay. Learn all streets and public places around accommodation.
    • Avoid carrying significant amounts of money with you.
    • Try to avoid all conflict situations.
    • Ask the owner and other people around you about dangerous parts of the district or the city (if such areas are available). The owner is a local person, thus he or she will definitely tell you about all unsafe places for travelers.
    • Take out an insurance policy.

And finally, be polite and respect local laws and rules. Dubai is safe, because people observe rules here, while all the violations (even the most insignificant ones) can cause you a lot of troubles. Remember that the level of guests’ safety is high only in case if such guests are taking all safety measures into account.

Safety of guests on DubaiApartment is one of the main priorities of our service

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