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How to book an apartment on DubaiApartment

It takes just about 2 clicks to book an apartment on DubaiApartment. At every stage of choosing, booking and submitting payment you can contact managers via chat or by telephone, ask them questions and clarify all the details of the deal.

Besides that, should any specific questions occur to you, or you’ll need to discuss some particular details regarding your stay in the apartment with the homeowner, feel free to contact him or her directly and ask your questions. Such questions as whether you’re allowed to bring in your pets, whether there’s a highchair for children or whether you could move in or out earlier/later than it is specified on DubaiApartment can be discussed and settled only with homeowners personally.

How to choose a place?

We highly suggest you to pay serious attention to reviews and comments left by tenants about each and every apartment you consider booking. Also pay attention to where the apartment is situated: sometimes a slightly bigger price turns out to be worth overpaying as you might get a much more convenient access to transport hubs, a shorter distance to the beach or a picturesque view from your window.

Don’t forget that apartments are booked very frequently and by numerous tourists, and the booking schedule of the most popular apartments can often be completely occupied. For instance, you could book an apartment for a week, but you wouldn’t be able to extend the tenancy after the week is through, because it could already be booked for the following days by other guests.

Plan beforehand how and when will you meet with the proprietor and receive the keys, how will you contact him or her right after your arrival. Find out everything about where the place is situated, how can you get there by taxi or by public transport. Maybe, for some additional payment the homeowner could greet you in the airport or buy some food before you move in.

In case you have to cancel the arrangement within more than 24 hours before the time you were supposed to move in, we will return you the cost of the booking excluding:

1. The commissions of the system – 5 %;
2. The cost of cleaning for the duration of the tenure;
3. Taxes;

In case of cancellation of the booking within less than 24 hours before the beginning of the arrangement, the cost of your rent will only be returned excluding the cost of the first day of tenure, and the abovementioned expenditures (commissions, cleaning cost and taxes) will be deducted from the remainder of the amount.

Similarly, if you have to move out earlier than agreed, the funds will be returned in the same manner. For example, if you decide to move out from the apartment 3 days earlier, we will return you the cost of the rent for 2 days minus the commissions of the system, the cost of cleaning and taxes.

Also, the questions concerning booking cancellation or shortening the tenure can be discussed with proprietors directly.

If booking is cancelled (or does not get confirmed) by the homeowner, two options are possible:

1. We return you the full amount of the rent;
2. You book another apartment on DubaiApartment, and depending on the price of the next apartment you choose, we either return you the rest (in case the rent price for the this new apartment is less than the price for the previous one), or you pay the lacking amount in addition (if the rent price for the new apartment is more than for the previous one).

After the proprietor has cancelled the booking, tourists are still able to leave their comments and opinions about the apartment on DubaiApartment.

But it’s worth noting that cases when a homeowner cancels a booking have been extremely rare.

Be careful with the property left in the apartment for your use

Remember that the homeowners put a lot of effort into making this apartment a comfortable place for you. The best thing you can do is to leave the place in the same condition as it had been before you moved in.

Leave your comment after you move out

Your opinion about the apartment can help other tourists make up their minds and have some really good time staying in the city. And actually, exchanging comments with homeowners on the website is common courtesy on DubaiApartment. Those are users’ opinions and comments that truly help other guests to make a right decision when they want to book an apartment. It is much more helpful than regular apartment descriptions or photos. So we urge you to leave more comments and share your opinion with the others so you and your friends could have a much better time travelling!

How to book an apartments on DubaiApartment, what guarantees does our service give you and how to choose an apartment that would suit your needs best.