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Booking on DubaiApartment

March 13, 2017 by Dubai Apartment

How DubaiApartment works

DubaiApartment is a portal where one can rent accommodation in Dubai. This website is a platform that connects owners of accommodation (lessors) and tenants. The following numbers can describe the current state of the website in general:

  • Currently, our database includes 288 objects with new apartments and houses being added on a daily basis
  • More than 200 bookings are made on the website every month
  • The average annual apartment occupancy level in the system is 62%.

DubaiApartment website is controlled by ANY STAY ANY DAY HOLIDAY HOMES RENTAL L.L.C. The mentioned company has a real estate license 735174 and works as an online-service that provides users with a possibility of searching, selecting, booking, renting and paying for accommodation in a timely manner. The company has its own call-center and customer support department, while the main office of the company is located at UAE,Dubai,Prime Business Centre – Office  A803  and is always available for all users of the system. Our experts are always ready to answer all your questions, solve any possible problems, which you may face during operation of the website, and just listen to your interesting and ambitious ideas.

All managers of DubaiApartment are using various means of communication in order to interact with users of the system and help them in solving of their problems. Mentioned means of communication include as remote ways, like online-chat and e-mail, as well as more traditional ways, like phone calls or face-to-face meeting in the office. Furthermore, we kindly recommend our users to visit the office in order to solve some questions, such as adding an object into the system and some others.

What are the main steps of interaction between tenants and accommodation owners on DubaiApartment

Interaction between users of DubaiApartment is involving the following steps:

  1. An owner of accommodation adds it into the system, creating an attractive description and selecting a desired rental price.
  2. All objects added by various owners are forming the database of apartments.
  3. A guest is browsing the database, selecting apartments according to their requirements, and booking one of them for a selected period of time.
  4. The guest is using a payment processing system in order to pay for the accommodation during the booking process. Funds from the guest are transferred to a bank account of the company and assigned to the owner of accommodation.
  5. The guest checks-in into accommodation, stays for the selected period of time and checks-out or prolongs the rental term at the end of it (if the selected object hasn’t been booked for the following period by other users of the system).
  6. After checking-out, funds are transferred from the account of the system to an account of the owner (after deducting system fees).

Personal managers of DubaiApartment control and review all stages of the apartments and villas rental process, including booking, checking-in and checking-out. Our managers help to coordinate various moments and solve possible problems or questions.

All interactions between users of the system are regulated by the system rules. There can be no problems during all stages of the rental process if both users of the system are following the rules. It’s worth noting that strict observance of the system rules guarantees both users the safe and convenient rental process: