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General rules of DubaiApartment

All the rules of DubaiApartment are created and observed in order to complete two following goals:

Provide the maximum levels of safety and comfort during the stay of guests in rented accommodation.

Help owners of accommodation getting higher income.

Keeping in mind that Dubai is changing every day, our service is constantly developing and the market is getting bigger day by day, we have to amend and correct these rules on a constant basis. Actually, we used the same approach to write these rules. Every time when we faced a situation that was not described in the rules, we were creating additional sections or changing existing ones, thus creating the current version of the rules.

It’s worth noting that the majority of possible situations with our members is governed by various particular policies and rules. General rules of DubaiApartment is some kind of a database or a set of principles, which are used to create and form all other instructions.

rules for apartment owners
Rent your holiday home here – simple and safe

Uniform rules of DubaiApartment for accommodation owners, guests and company body

  1. The main goal of the service is to provide comfort and safety for all the members of the service. Tenants must have a comfortable and convenient way for accommodation booking, while owners need to rent their accommodation out in an easy and simple way. At the very same time all possible risks have to be eliminated or at least minimized.
  2. The safety level of each member is more important than economic benefit.
  3. The service is not a guarantor of a safe deal between the tenant and the owner of accommodation. Nevertheless, the rules of DubaiApartment govern actions of all the members in such way to prevent any possible violations or fraud during operation of the system.
  4. Our service bears responsibility for the quality and the simplicity of system operation.
  5. DubaiApartment reserves the right to refuse access to the system for any user that violates the rules of the system.
  6. The main honesty and safety indicator of each member of the system is their reputation and reviews from other members. This is the most objective and reliable system, because the members have to follow all the rules and take care of other users’ comfort and safety from the moment of registration on the website.

According to our experience, observance of the mentioned principles allows us to control the system and communication between members. Thanks to these principles we were able to write:

General rules of DubaiApartment are the basic principles, which are used to create all other provisions and instructions of the service.