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Getting started with DubaiApartment

In order to get started with DubaiApartment one has to register in the system. Find the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner, completing the following actions:

  1. Enter you contact information on the appeared page and press the “Sign up” button.
  2. Open your e-mail, find new letter and open the link from the letter. By doing so you are going to confirm your e-mail address.
  3. Confirm your mobile phone number.

After completing the registration you will be able as to add your accommodation to the system, as well as book any apartment or flat.

One can choose accommodation without completing the registration process. However, one has to register in the system and verify contact information in order to make a booking.

Further actions depend on your goal on this website: to book accommodation or to add it in order to rent it out.

Начало работы на DubaiApartment для хозяев и гостей

Getting started with DubaiApartment for guests

Right on the main page you can choose accommodation from the list with most popular apartments and house. You are also able:

  1. To filer offers by using various parameters: price, area, number of rooms, location and booking period.
  2. To open the section with areas of the city in order to choose accommodation in required district.
  3. To open the reviews section and find apartments with the highest ranks from guests.
  4. To discover objects, which fit your needs, read reviews and choose the best option for your trip.
  5. To edit your profile information, giving more details for owners and our managers in order to know you better.

Find out more information about:

First steps for accommodation owners

In order to get started with DubaiApartment, accommodation owners have to add it to the system. In order to do that, owners are required:

  1. To indicate the main parameters of an object: type, size, number of rooms, location and price per night.
  2. Add a description that will tell your guests the main benefits of your accommodation and explain why they have to book it.
  3. Fill the calendar in, if you already have guests planned.
  4. Add photos and videos of the object (if available).
  5. Send your description for verification.

Our manager will contact you in order to clarify all other moments. We have to ask you for a confirmation of your right to own the object or your right to act on the owner’s behalf.

At this stage one can also learn:

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