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Owner manual

License. You should always remember: as soon as you are within the limits of the law, you are on the safe side and trouble-free. Dubai government has banned the individuals from operating in the field of short-term rent. In case you do not have a special permit, deal with licensed real estate agents. Check the validity of your partner’s license regularly. DubaiApartment is proud to announce that all our papers are in order. The legislation details are to be found on Dubai Department of Tourism web site:

Building regulations. Every building in Dubai has its regulations and they differ from residence to residence. Make sure you renting plans do not contradict these rules. For instance, some hotel apartments management do not allow any third party company to rent their space for short-term. Parking and smoking rules should be also taken into account. Is it allowed to barbeque at the balcony or keep the bicycle in public places? You better double-check on these issues beforehand and inform DubaiApartment. When letting your property do not neglect the neighbors: are they going to be bothered if you have a family with an infant or animals?

Insurance. Preventive measures are the best choice to stay trouble-free. Cover your home with insurance to be safe in case of any unforeseeable or dangerous situations.  Regardless how nice the guests are, something could go wrong. Study all the details of the insurance policy and make sure you are satisfied with the coverage.

landlord-tenant relationship

Emergency. You are the only person to minimize your own risks. Make sure your accommodation is provided with emergency services telephone numbers. You will find this information on Safe house page. Check all the smoke detectors, a fire-alarm system and a fire extinguisher. Provide the guests with the first aid kit. The number of people staying together in your place should also be taken into account.

Double check that your house is safe: electric appliances should be properly connected, staircases should have banisters, wet floors and sharp angles should be clearly indicated. If you welcome little ones the house should be childproofing and the parents should be aware of any potential danger. There is an air-conditioning system in every house in Dubai. The AC should work properly and be clean in order not to overheat the housing that can result in health issues.

Safety first! You are the owner and you are the person to regulate your tenants stay. The main goal of the regulations is to ensure the guests and the housing safety. Make sure your accommodation is provided with clear written instructions:

  • Emergency services telephone numbers should be in close proximity to the telephone. Here are the Dubai numbers: Police – 999, Fire brigade – 997, Ambulance – 998 or 999, Electricity and Water Authorities – 991, Taxi – 04-2080808.
  • Nearest hospitals
  • Your telephone number
  • Fire appliances rules
  • Evacuation plan
  • Maximum number of guests staying at the same time
  • Building regulations

Safe house should have:

  • Smoke detectors and fire-alarm system
  • Working fire extinguisher. Check the expiry date.
  • Clear evacuation map
  • Properly connected electric appliances
  • Safe staircases with banisters and anti-slip floors
  • First aid kit
  • Working door and window handles

Feedback. The travelers share their reviews about the housing. The more positive reviews your home has, the more popular with the travelers it becomes and the more you earn.

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