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How to add an apartment to DubaiApartment?

The very first thing that you have to do in order to add an apartment to DubaiApartment is to fill the apartment adding request form on our website in.

You can use the special “Description” field to provide any additional information about your apartment, which was not included in other fields. Please, take some time to fill this field in, because the more interesting details you provide, the faster a visitor of the website will choose your apartment for their trip.

add an apartment to DubaiApartment

Which details have to be described in full?

Just adding an apartment to DubaiApartment is not enough to make it interesting for tenants. One has to create an attractive description. Try to think about the interests of your possible guests and their reasons to visit Dubai.

If your guests are tourists, tell them about the closest attractions, an easy access to shopping malls and beaches, a short ride to the airport or free Wi-Fi in the apartment. If you have any other special things or objects, e.g. a balcony, a garden table or even a pool, don’t forget to mention them too.

If your accommodation is more suitable for visiting businessmen or expats, tell them about the nearest car rental office, which is just behind the corner; available parking place; or ways to get to the business district of the city.

Include everything that can be interesting for your future guests.

Show your future guests photographs of your apartment

add an apartment to DubaiApartment

add an apartment to DubaiApartment

We recommend you to add as many photographs to the apartment description as possible. Make photos of the toilet, the kitchen and available beds. Use various angles to create a full image of your apartment for guests. We recommend you to make such images before you add an apartment to DubaiApartment.

If required, we can also make professional images of your apartment. You just need to send a request, indicating your address and contacts. We well organize a visit of our specialist in order to perform professional photo shooting. This service is provided on a free basis.

How to set a price for accommodation when you add an apartment to DubaiApartment?

Owners are setting accommodation prices, which can be considered as optimal ones. We just recommend our users to follow average prices on the market and avoid such thing as overpricing. Both very high and very low price tags will scare some customers.

If you are setting a price, which is higher than average on the market, we recommend you to justify it in the apartment description. For example, you can write about brand new furniture or free homemade breakfast, showing your guests all the benefits of staying with you.

You can also indicate any additional demands to your guests and describe all the rules of your apartment.

Remember: the more information your apartment description contains, the more positive reviews will be given by your guests, thus making it easier to rent it once more and attract new customers to book your accommodation.

List your apartment and let us do the rest

Register your property for free and make money by using the free space! When you list your apartment with us, it’s the start of a beautiful professional friendship.

We understand that you’ve put in a lot of time and effort to get your apartment perfect for guests, and we want to help you turn your investment into a rewarding and profitable experience.