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How to add an apartment to the system

In order to add an apartment to the system of DubaiApartment, one has to complete the registration, because adding function is only available for registered users of our system. After completing the registration process the user has to select the “Add accommodation” section in your account.

Try to think about all key features and main advantages of your apartment before adding it to the system.

You can start the entire process creating a unique name for your place. Use something like this: “a hipster house in the middle of Dubai” or “a purple studio right on the Palm shore”.

Put all distinctive features of your accommodation into the name: a district, interior colors, a number of rooms, decoration styles and so on. While searching for accommodation user will definitely remember objects with unusual and bright names. Tenants will find your apartment easier thanks to unusual words in its name.

Main parameters of accommodation

In order to create proper accommodation description our website offers a special form, which has to be filled using the following order.

Main parameters

  • Accommodation type: house, apartment, penthouse etc.
  • Which part of your accommodation is rented out: entire accommodation, a room…
  • Is there anyone living there with guests?
  • Number of bedrooms.
  • Number of beds and their characteristic: a sofa, a bed etc.
  • Maximum number of guests for booking.
  • Amount of bathrooms.
  • Location of the object: a country, a locality and an address. This information is available only for registered users.
  • Exact location on the map.
  • Offered amenities and facilities: the user can choose them from a list.
  • Services and premises available for guests: the user can choose them from a list.

This information is obligatory and after filling this form the user can publish the advertisement. However, according to our statistics, 9 users from 10 prefer to browse accommodation offers with images.

How to create a visual environment and add an apartment to the system

The majority of our guests prefer to look at colorful photos of an apartment instead of reading its full description. That’s DubaiApartment offers a wide range of tools for visual design.

Our users are adding 8 photos in average, but our system supports up to several dozens of images for your advertisement. The user can add a caption for each image in order to explain all the details of accommodation to guests. Our system also allows you to add description to the visual part of your ad.

We strongly recommend you to tell about:

Add an apartment to the system

main infrastructure objects and attraction near accommodation.

key transport routes in the district.

the target audience of accommodation:

solo travelers, couples, families, business travelers and groups.

main benefits of accommodation.

You can add your apartment to the system by pressing the “Finish description” button. After doing so your accommodation is public and available for booking. That’s all and you have successfully completed all the steps required to add an apartment to the system.