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Compensations for accommodation owners

DubaiApartment guarantees compensations for accommodation owners using our system to rent their houses and apartments out

Compensations for accommodation owners

Our system offers several ways to get compensation:

when a guest cancels a booking
using the security deposit in case of property damage
using insurance

compensations for accommodation owners

There are several situations and conditions, which are not covered by this compensation policy:

normal wear and tear                                          loss of valuable jewelry
cash money stealing                                             loss of art objects
loss of securities and bonds                               loss of pets
loss of valuable jewelry

During the rental period DubaiApartment strongly recommends the owners to remove all valuable and worn objects and take all pets out

Compensations for accommodation owners in case of booking cancellation

Each object on the website features clearly described booking rules. DubaiApartment representatives are negotiating these rules with the owner. By paying for the booking guests are accepting such rules.

Situations when a booking is cancelled before arrival or before the moment of departure are governed by our booking cancellation policy. DubaiApartment charges the tenant with the amount of compensation. The owner of accommodation receives the amount of compensation according to the cooperation agreement with DubaiApartment.

The security deposit

Compensations for accommodation owners

Using security deposit to compensate owner

The security deposit is one of the important moments that have to be taken into account during creation of the accommodation description, because it affects the way of you cooperation with guests. By adding the amount of the security deposit to your ad, DubaiApartment significantly improves the situation with possible material damage disputes.

If our representative confirms property damages at the day of checking out and the amount of damages doesn’t exceed the amount of security deposit, the owner receives reimbursement from the security deposit. In such cases the amount of compensation is transferred to the owner of accommodation.

Compensations for accommodation owners from the amount of security deposit can be claimed not later than in 14 days after departure of guests. Furthermore, according to the Terms and Conditions of DubaiApartment, the amount of compensation has to be charged via the website.

Even though the security deposit is a convenient measure to compensate the owner, it doesn’t substitute insurance. The opposite is also true, because many insurance companies are not covering total loss or damages, thus such security deposit can minimize risks of the accommodation owner.


In case when the owner holds a valid insurance policy and an insured event takes place, representatives of DubaiApartment can work with the insurance company on your behalf. The amount of compensation received from the insurance company is transferred to the owner of accommodation.

Compensations for accommodation owners: situations when lessors are eligible for reimbursement, methods of payment and general conditions