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Safety for home owners

DubaiApartment system provides an unprecedentedly high level of safety for home owners. Of course, if such owners are working through our system. We are working in such way that the owner of a house or an apartment can avoid all communication with tenants: the owner can just add accommodation to the system, meet our managers (in our office or in the apartment), sign necessary documents and start to earn income. After doing so, the owner has no need to visit the apartment, because we will do the rest. Our staff will search guests, attract them, control the check-in process and receive payments from them. That means the owner is almost totally protected from all possible dangers, because there’s no need to communicate with guests or live together with them.

safety for home owners

Compensation for damages

Possible furniture or interior elements damages are probably the only one risk that the owner may face when working with DubaiApartment system. All lessors ordinarily know that this aspect is an inevitable disadvantage of the accommodation rental process, but our team manage to make the risk for the owner to the minimum level possible.

DubaiApartment will provide full compensation for damages caused by guests of accommodation. In turn, we have to control the current condition of an apartment or a house before the arrival of guests and after their departure, checking that no damages were made during their stay. If we manage to find any new damages, we are going to charge guests in order to compensate such damages. After that our team will transfer that amount of money to the owner or to DubaiApartment third party specialists in order to remove damages.

How to reduce possible risk of accommodation damagessafety for home owners

First of all, experts of DubaiApartment are doing their best to find only reliable and adequate guests for apartments and houses registered in the system. Such policy allows us to avoid up to 90% of possible precarious situations, however it’s simply impossible to check all people in advance.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend our owners to create a list of rules and requests for guests of specific accommodation. Such information can be displayed as in the description on the website, as well as printed in the rented object. You can mention all moments, which you consider as important: Wi-Fi credentials and connection rules, household equipment terms of use, information about kids and pets in accommodation, smoking and alcohol drinking rules. According to our experience, even the existence of such rules makes guests more accurate and disciplined.

Safety for home owners in case of DubaiApartment rules violation

In several cases, when guests are staying during a long period of time, the owner is trying to establish direct connection with guests, avoiding DubaiApartment services. Such approach is pretty risky, firstly because DubaiApartment reserves a right to refuse future cooperation with such owner, taking away their ability to earn money through the system. Furthermore, DubaiApartment provides the highest accommodation safety for home owners level by using insurance, the performance or the appropriate legal formalities and our own service department. The owner simply doesn’t have access to such tools, thus the safety level of the owner totally depends on their will to observe the rules of our service.