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General rules for apartment owners on DubaiAraptment

By adding their accommodation into the system the owner is committed to respect all the rules for apartment owners of DubaiApartment. Only the tourist can cancel the booking and receive refund. Such cancellation has to be done not later than 24 hours before check-in time. In such situation system fees, cleaning fees and taxes are not refunded to the tourist.

The owner reserves the right to cancel the booking only in the following extraordinary cases:

  1. In case of death or a serious illness of family members, which makes meeting with guests simply impossible. 
  2. A natural disaster or a cataclysm, which damaged accommodation or endangers lives of tourists.
  3. Political instability.
  4. Technical or operational problems, which can create problems for guests during the rental period.

In such cases the owned is obligated to refund the whole price of booking without the system fees, while DubaiApartment will find another accommodation or refund the system fees. Guests reserve the right to leave reviews about accommodation.

If the owner is using other systems to rent their accommodation, they have to indicate other bookings in the DubaiApartment calendar as fast as possible. If a booking is made through DubaiApartment, but accommodation is already booked through other channels, the owner is obligated to provide different object of the same type for the period indicated in such booking.

If the owner of an apartment or a house is not able to find another variant for such booking, they have to refund money to DubaiApartment and our managers will find another option for the tourist.

If the guest is checking-out earlier than it was planned and requests a refund, the owner has to refund the full price of remaining days, subtracting the price of one day, system and cleaning fees, and taxes.

DubaiApartment compensates any damages to furniture, household appliances or interior elements made by guests after receiving a corresponding request from the owner. A company specialist visits accommodation and performs verification of such damages. All damages caused by tourists are covered with the insurance amount of US dollars.

Compensation rules for apartment owners of DubaiApartment are not covering the following:

  1. Common objects and areas located near accommodation
  2. Pets
  3. Art objects and money of the owner.

We demand the owners to provide only actual and full information about accommodation. It’s obvious that when a tourist won’t find promised facilities in the apartment, they will leave a negative review about the apartment and its owner, motivating other guests to choose different options. Reputation of DubaiApartment is also affected in such cases. Therefore, all the objects, which owners are violating this rule (as well as any other rules for apartment owners on DubaiApartment) are going to be permanently deleted, without possibility to re-publish. It’s impossible to rent such apartment or house via DubaiApartment after deleting.

We kindly recommend you to indicate requirements to your guests in the accommodation description. According to our practice, such requirements will not scare them, but vice versa will show them that you are waiting for a clearly described type of guests, creating best living conditions for them. For example, you may indicate that your apartment can be rent only by guests without pets or by non-smoking people. Such requirements will narrow possible circle of your guests, but will provide an increased level of security and guarantee that there are no mutual claims in future.

In general, you need to take care about your guests, making their stay comfortable and convenient. If you do so, both parties will benefit from such approach.

List of rules for apartment owners which has to be observed by an owner in order to rent an apartment on DubaiApartment. Responsibility and guarantees of the system for accommodation owners.