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Life in Dubai: selection of the best pragmatic apps for smartphones

Published on July 10, 2017 by Dubai Apartment

9 applications to make your life in Dubai more interesting

Do you want to order petrol delivery right to your parking place or pay bills on Saturday morning right from your warm bed? Are you searching for a convenient way to search and book cinemas and restaurants? This application will help to put your life in Dubai in order, saving a lot of precious time!


This mobile app offers TOP-10 lists for all important events in the city. All events are categorized in groups: bars and clubs, music and night life, restaurants, cinemas and hotels. This application shows exact address, working hours, prices and customer reviews. Incredibly comfortable and convenient!

life in Dubai


This application is still being developed, but the general idea is perfect: you don’t have to spend your time waiting in queue to buy some petrol. You need to open GETFUELED and order fuel delivery right to your car. It looks like magic, but your car will be fueled right in time.


“Must-have” app for the real fans of movies and cinema! Using VOX one can find any movie in the nearest cinema, buy tickets and go straight to the movie hall, showing the ticket on the smartphone, without any need to print it out.


DEWAEven if now your communal services are included into the rental payment, you may need to pay them personally in the nearest future, activating power and water supplying services. This app allows you doing so right from your comfortable couch.


Download this app, if you are a lover of good food and you want to praise yourself. It contains offers from various restaurants, beauty salons and fitness centers. After paying the annual membership fee you will have direct access to the most attractive and exclusive offers, choosing venues next to your home and getting discounts. Authors of the app promise that you will save up to AED 1000 every year!


Finding a free parking space is a great problem in Dubai. This app allows checking the number of parking spaces, notifies you when the paid period is over, allowing you to prolong or finish your parking session. This app makes car owner’s life in Dubai much more comfortable!

Do you want to make your life in Dubai more simple and interesting? Start using various convenient applications for your smartphone. In this article we covered 9 electronic helpers, which will make your life more comfortable.


This is the best app for those who love to eat high quality food. ZOMATO can be used to find a restaurant for any occasion, reading full description, customer reviews, interior photos, full menu and exact location. It also allows ordering food right to your home.


skypeThis is a real gem for those who plan to keep video communication with their relatives and friends. Several users may be added to the video conference – what an amazing feature! Don’t believe in rumors – SKYPE is working in Dubai without problems.




The city of Dubai is growing day by day. New streets and objects appear every single day. If you want to know the entire city and never be late for important meetings, it’s recommended to use GOOGLE MAPS application.

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