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Diana Forman represents the Customer Service Department in She is a resourceful and intelligent professional with a many-year experience in interpersonal communication. We believe she is able to sort out any potentially complicated situation. Being with our company for a few years Diana has become the best manager to deal with both tenants and owners.

In case you have got any complaints or questions, Diana Forman is highly skilled in assisting tenants and owners both over the phone and in-person. Her profound ability to resolve problems effectively makes our customers regular and loyal. Thanks to her effort our firm has achieved a reputation of a trustful and responsible organization.

Diana Forman is able to work with multicultural customers and this is why we have loyal customers all over the world. She always provides relevant information to any inquiry, so you can be absolutely sure you will be served properly.

Diana has proved to be able to build an effective system in her department. Due to it both minor and serious problems are resolved as quick as possible. Any query is handled personally and every client gets the best service in the market.

No matter how sophisticated the situation is, do not hesitate to get in touch with Diana and receive all the possible support. You can contact her via any convenient channel of communication.


Kirill helps you with choosing and booking your holiday home. He is an expert in both Dubai real estate market and tourism. He can boast an expertise of more than 10 years in dealing with all sorts of problems in both fields.

Kirill knows all the details about our listings and he is the best person to consult. No matter what makes you hesitate, just get in touch with Kirill and he will do his best to help you make a decision.

Paperwork is Kirill’s responsibility and he can easily explain all the details of the contract to you. He checks all the documents that are to be filled in and signed to rent an apartment.

He prepares and interprets legal documents including listings and tenancy contracts. Kirill provides legal advice as well as any recommendations regarding the chosen property.

Liaising with tenants on the daily basis made him a person who can not only prevent, but anticipate troubles and eliminate them.

Be sure Kirill will become your right hand in selecting and booking your home away from home. He is the person you meet first when start vacating with our company. If he does not meet you at the airport, he will always be there to help.

Do not hesitate to contact: +971 55 377 11 22


We are proud to introduce you to our financial department head – Irina Rokotova. Every single financial document goes through her department and is meant to be thoroughly studied before being signed or paid. Irina is the person that provides the company with the highest level of transparency. All the financial transactions taking place in our firm are clear, transparent and safe.

Accounting is a complicated part of any enterprise so we process a huge amount of questions every day. We also fully understand that when people pay their money they want to be sure all the transactions are protected. Irina has built a reputation for Due to her every day work people trust us and are ready to pay being absolutely aware of what is going to happen with their funds.

Irina Rokotova has started the financial department and now it is a mechanism that helps us make your holiday even more peaceful and careless than ever before. You are sure to find answers to all your questions about fees, checks, transactions and commissions within our Financial department and Irina in person. Insurance, deposits, payments and bank transactions are all her fields of operation.

Please, feel free to ask any question that bothers you as Irina is always here to help. You can contact her any convenient time.



This department was started to work with holiday property owners. It covers all issues that can appear when offering, lending and maintaining your property. Whether it is paperwork or property management you can address to this department and be absolutely sure to get the highest standard service. Our experts will help you personally with all the documents necessary to start lending your home and with any financial issues afterwards.

Dmitriy is the person you can get in touch regarding any problem or question. Starting with initial stages of selecting the managing company and ending with profit accumulation. With many years of administrative and organizational work Dmitriy has become an essential member of our expert team. Professional approach is what all our customers note working with him.

No matter whether you are within the country or away you can trust Dmitriy and our Owners’ Service Department to sort out any issue arising. We take every detail into consideration and pay attention to any minor problem. Dmitriy conducts all the negotiations and takes care about all the paperwork including insurance documents. If you are not sure about your next step, do not hesitate to interact with our Owners’ Service Department.

There are no trifles when it comes to property management. If we can make your life easy and careless, we are always here to help. You can give us a call as well as make your query online and we will get touch with you as soon as possible.