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Katrine Brown

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Hi, I live in Dubai. I was born in Canada where there is autumn, winter, summer and spring. In Dubai I like to swim in the warm beautiful sea. when I was small I had swimming lessons with a coach. I trained at the Oceana pool. Sometimes at my villa I like star to gaze and lie down on the soft green grass. On the holidays I went to the Abu Dabi hotel and visited the Ferrari park, Miracle garden, new shops, water parks, IMG worlds and Outlet mall. my favourite thing to do is watch the sunset at the beach while eating a snack. At my house there are 5 bedrooms, a large kitchen, a long hall, giant spacious living room. Out of the 5 bedrooms there is a play room for kids, a maids rooms, a bedroom for my daughter Dina, a bedroom for my son Rex and a bedroom for me and my husband. Every Saturdays we go to the beach and collect unusual shiny shells. We decided to move to Dubai because it is safe, people are kind, here are nice houses. The way I mean that people are kind because they tell me that I am I very beautiful, slim, kind lady.
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

Katrine Brown

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