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Rent accommodation out on DubaiApartment and discover new way of money earning

At DubaiApartment we created, tested and successfully implemented several unique techniques, which allow our users to earn money, even if they don’t have their own accommodation. In case if you are the owner of an apartment, we will help you to get more money than those who prefer long-term rentals. Just don’t hesitate and rent you accommodation out on DubaiApartment and understand all the benefits if this simple, yet convenient source of income.

Discover how you can use DubaiApartment in order to earn more money than other landlords, and how to create a source of income even if you don’t have your own accommodation…

Here are three general ways of money earning with us:

Do you have friends who need accommodation? Earn with us!

rent accommodation out on DubaiApartment

If you have friends or customers looking for accommodation, just bring them to our system and you will get a part of the money that they will pay for accommodation!

Rent your empty accommodation! This is making more money!

Rent your empty accommodation!

You can rent it out when you go for a holiday; or when you have an empty period between two long-term rentals, thus making more money!

Rent accommodation of your neighbors out!

Rent accommodation of your neighbors out

Don’t you have an apartment, but your friends or relatives do? Invite guests and share money!

One can use DubaiApartment to earn money using even rented accommodation!

It’s very easy: short-term rentals are more profitable than long-term ones. Thus, you can rent an apartment on a long-term basis, renting it out daily with DubaiApartment, taking the difference as your income!

How does it work?

Rent your empty accommodation! Rent accommodation out on DubaiApartment!

You make a long-term rental

We will help you to make this process, choosing the area of the city and the apartment itself.

Register accommodation in DubaiApartment

Register accommodation in DubaiApartment

We will help you to write an attractive description and choose prices.

We rent you accommodation out, paying you more than you pay to the landlord.

We rent you accommodation out, paying you more than you pay to the landlord.

We will make all the works with guests, controlling their arrival and departure.