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Reviews on DubaiApartment

December 21, 2016 by Dubai Apartment

How do reviews on DubaiApartment work

All guests of DubaiApartment can write a review about their rental experience. All reviews on DubaiApartment are created by real users. Our users are telling about their real experience of staying in a house or an apartment.

DubaiApartment reserves the right to write comments for such reviews in order to describe our opinion about guests. Each member of our community is having 30 days after departure in order to write a review based on member’s experience. Members won’t be able to write a review after the mention 30 days period.

How to check reviews on DubaiApartment

If an object has reviews, one can find them in the bottom of the page after description and rental condition blocks. All comments are having information about the author and the posting date.If you find a review, you can be sure that you are reading someone’s personal experience, because all reviews in our system are written by registered users of DubaiApartment and only after successfully completing a booking.

Guidelines for writing your reviews on DubaiApartment

Each registered user’s account has the “Reviews” section, where users can find the “New review” button. Users can leave only one comment for each object. The maximum amount of words for a comment is 300 words.

Reviews on DubaiApartment

It’s strongly recommended to write reviews on DubaiApartment strictly observing the following rules:

write only about your personal experience
tell visitors about the dates of your visit
your review has to be based only on real facts
write only meaningful information that can be useful for other travelers
only arguments and facts

DubaiApartment will not tolerate the following:

reviews based on someone’s experience
comments not related to the booking
reviews violating human rights
offensive words and materials
offensive content advocating violence, illegal activities and obscene lifestyle
information that violates UAE laws and legislation of home countries of tenants.

reviews on DubaiApartment

Members can edit their comments during 3 days after publishing. After that period members can’t change or modify their reviews. DubaiApartment will not edit or modify reviews from real guests, but we reserve the right to delete comments (in full or partially), which violate main rules mentioned above.

History of reviews on DubaiApartment

Each user can open their personal account in order to look at the history of reviews. Here you will find reviews about you, as well as private comments sent to you by members of the DubaiApartment community.

Reviews on DubaiApartment: thorough instruction and comments adding guidelines, which information is prohibited in reviews, managing your own comments.