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Safety on DubaiApartment for guests and owners

March 13, 2017 by Dubai Apartment

Full information about safety on DubaiApartment

The main goal of DubaiApartment is to provide full safety for both guests and owners during the entire rental process. It’s worth noting that safety on DubaiApartment covers all aspects of work: from the secure payment to the overall safety of guests during their stay and thorough protection of accommodation in case of failures and damages.

So what are the safety measures for each stage?

Full safety off all the apartments offered on DubaiApartment

Safety on DubaiApartment covers even the very first step when new accommodation is added into the system. All apartments, which are available and offered in the system, were thoroughly checked by our agents in order to check that description is corresponding with the reality. Before adding any apartment into the systems our agents are going there in order to check the following things:

apartment in Dubai
  • overall condition
  • comprehensiveness and current condition of home appliances
  • accommodation documents of the owner and rental permit
  • existence of all required firefighting equipment.

Only after checking those things we are verifying the apartment, making it available for searching and rent. Such approach guarantees that our guests will stay in exactly the same apartment that they saw on photos.

Secure and protected payments

When the guest pays for an apartment, money goes to a system account. Only after successful check-in of the guest money is transferred to the owner. Such method allows eliminating various scammers and fraudulent schemes. In other hand, according to our booking cancellation police we refund our guest after deducting cleaning fee. Furthermore, if the guest wants to cancel a booking in less than 24 hours before the check-in time, we also deduct a part of the booking price as a compensation for the owner. Thus, renting out an apartment on DubaiApartment is totally safe, and you will get your money for booked periods in any case.

Secure checking-in and safe staying

All the apartments on DubaiApartment totally correspond with all safety standards of Dubai, providing guests with a comfortable and safe atmosphere. Each and every apartment is equipped with:

  • smoke sensors
  • alarm system
  • direct connection with the reception desk of the residential complex (in case if there’s a reception desk)
safety on DubaiApartment

Thus, guests of accommodation can enjoy the equal level of safety on DubaiApartment, as local people living in the same residential complexes. All apartments on the website are offered for rentals without the owner staying at the same place. Thus, guests can be sure that they will stay alone during the entire holiday. Only cleaning personnel will visit their apartment according to a schedule. All interaction with the guest is carried out by DubaiApartment managers, thus the owner is not obliged to meet and communicate with the guest.

Accommodation owner’s safety on DubaiApartment

At the very same time the system of DubaiApartment protects the entire apartment, furniture and home appliances. Owners are entitled to get compensation for various damages, including money from insurance. We have to say that cases of damages happen really rare, and first and foremost we are trying to protect interests of the owner.

DubaiApartment takes all the work of communication with guests, thus the owner doesn’t have to meet guests and control the apartment. Such approach makes it possible to convert the entire rental process into virtually passive source of income.